Vicky Diego-Montalvo

CEO President Of Cardiology Health Care of South Florida

Mrs. Diego-Montalvo co-founded Cardiology Healthcare of South Florida in 2007 to offer the sophisticated high-quality cardiovascular medical care that everyone deserves.

She studied at Miami-Dade Community College Wolfson Campus and achieved an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry.

Her prior academic achievements have allowed her degrees in not only medical healthcare but also dental healthcare as well. She boasts degrees as a Registered Medical Assistant, Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, Trained Electrocardiographic and Laboratory Technician as well as a Trained Dental Assistant.

Meet with patients and discusses fees and costs. Makes sure the patient is fully informed about their examination and testing details.
On a daily basis Mrs. Diego-Montalvo is responsible for all non-medical / non-surgical aspects of our Cardiology  practice.
In the past she has also been extensively recognized for her significant support in the growth of Doral Cardiac P.E.T.
Assists out-of-town patients with coordinating their trip and stay.